Hiroshima Univeristy of Economics

Hiroshima University of Economics - NetCrunch Success Story



With NetCrunch, it has become possible for us to find out quickly which area of network or devices are affected by failure. Before the deployment of NetCrunch, we could not grasp the whole picture. NetCrunch allows us to see whether all our network devices and servers are running without any problems.

Yasuhiko Nagahara
Information Center, Hiroshima University of Economics

Key benefits:

  • Capability of monitoring both network devices and servers
  • Consolidated maintenance and control of logs
  • Accelerating troubleshoot by reduction of time spent for pin pointing affected area of the network and devices in trouble

Hiroshima University of Economics overview
Hiroshima University of Economics overview


It has been a great challenge for Mr. Nagahara, Manager of Information Center of Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE), to keep a watchful eye on a vast network that stretches far beyond the on-campus facilities.

HUE is noted for its ultra modern educational facilities, that are fully equipped with the latest digital equipment. Their network is comprised of over 1,500 devices, including client PCs, servers, and network devices. The network infrastructure is essential for the university’s daily transactions and operations performed by both staff and students. Emails, business applications, and portal web pages used by students are all incredibly important to the university.

The responsibility of the IT team is not only to monitor these network devices, but also troubleshoot if any of these devices fail as well as control/supervise network bandwidth and disk resources. Before  NetCrunch, it was not easy for them to access correct and current status information about their network devices and servers, and it took them a long time to find out the root causes of problems reported by users.


The introduction of NetCrunch cleared up all of HUE’s network management problems. By using NetCrunch they became capable of easily finding out which area of the network was being affected and which devices were down. Problems could be detected as soon as they occurred. With the information provided by NetCrunch, HUE  has dramatically reduced the time spent on troubleshooting.

About Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE)

HUE was established in 1967, and was the only economics university in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, western part of Japan, at that time,. But the foundation of the former entity of HUE (Ishida Gakuen Academy) goes back to much older time, more than 100 years ago, in 1907.

Since then HUE has evolved to become one of the most prestigious universities in the region, with students (both undergraduate and graduate school) of over four thousands, and professor/staff of nearly 200. The campus of HUE is in vast lush greenery campus of 250,000 square-meters, with its modern facilities at the lofty hill that commands panoramic views of Hiroshima City.