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Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH - NetCrunch Success Story


„With NetCrunch by AdRem, I can focus onother tasks throughout the day and still be sure that I will be well informed about the system and network conditions.”

T. Wittek
IT manager
Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH

Key benefits :

  • Efficient, easy to use
  • Easy configuration
  • Clear graphical display for a quick overview

Das Comet Schleifscheiben Unternehmen
Comet's headquaters

The challenge

The network of Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH has grown extremely in the recent years.  Due to the increased requirements and changing circumstances, the network will consist of three upcoming ESX-Servers which are equipped with various server operating systems. Along with the usual Windows and Linux systems, we also have Citrix and VMware system. The connection to the location in Stuttgart occurs via VPN and the Citrix-System. The field representatives can access their emails from the exchange server.

Due to the very strong growth in server and network infrastructure, and the resulting different systems, an efficient and centralized monitoring has become vital. “Before NetCrunch, it was difficult and time-consuming for me to identify problems early and localize them. Often, problems were only recognized through user feedback, and this process impacted their productivity.”

The solution

Easy configuration of NetCrunch makes it possible to discover problems early and fix them. This ensures that the employees can work virtually with no downtime of the servers. “Thanks to the automatically generated emails and SMS in critical situations, I was always well informed about the status of the server. Therefore, it was possible for me to give instructions on what to do to get the systems back up and running, even if I was not at the firm. With the help of these features, I have more time to focus on other tasks.”

“In the year 2010/2011, I tested several different monitoring solutions, both commercial and free-ware products. Of course, NetCrunch could not compete with the freeware products in terms of price, but it is much better than the other commercial products induced by the very good ‘price-per-node’ policy. The major advantage of NetCrunch is its ease of use and the less time required for configuration which allows me to easily create visual overviews. This graph with the traffic light system is another unique and optimal feature, which makes it much easier to get a quick overview of the servers. The inheritance hierarchy and the opportunity to have different systems on the server is also very helpful even for a small infrastructure and is used for clarity.”

Application for several mobile devices is missing and is currently not offered by AdRem, and to me, the only flaw against the competition.

About Comet Schleifscheiben GmbH

Comet has about 70 employees. They are spread over 2 sites, Sankt Ingbert and Stuttgart. Comet also has several representatives throughout the country and in France, as well as other agencies worldwide.