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Bitways S.r.l - NetCrunch Success Story


“I really recommend NetCrunch as it is easy to use, intuitive and you only need basic network knowledge to understand and set up its functionality.”

Mirko Guerra
Bitways S.r.l.

Key benefits:

  • easy to install and configure
  • helped us to free more time for other activities
  • proactive Windows Service Monitoring

Bitways S.r.l.
Network infrastructure in Bitways S.r.l.
visualised with NetCrunch


Mr Mirko Guerra in a few words describes network infrastructure that he monitors with NetCrunch: “From our datacenter we are monitoring 152 of the most important nodes that belong to a group of companies in 19 different locations in Italy. The network consists of 13 switches, 20 access points, 40 servers (physical and virtual ones), and 200 active users. The entire infrastructure is maintained by three people.”


After several weeks of using NetCrunch, he shares his experience: “Thanks to NetCrunch, we have simplified and optimized the monitoring of all active equipment, keeping an eye in real time on the state of the network. NetCrunch allowed us to save time that we can use for designing and offering new services to our customers. Now we can also improve the level of quality of  services and distribute more resources or people to other incoming projects.

What is really useful -  we have installed NetCrunch on virtual machine in our datacenter. We are able to maintain remote locations with two firewalls  within VPN. Thanks to NetCrunch alerting systems capabilities, we are informed even about stopping of Windows services like ‘Spooler’.

Moreover, NetCrunch helped us control not only all the active devices but also all of our servers. We would get messages by email in case of malfunction (CPU usage, RAM, HD). In the real time, the product provides us with detailed reports on everything.

Great advantage of NetCrunch is how easy it is to install and configure. After downloading the software it took only about one working day to become operational and another day to optimize graphics and monitoring of vital equipment.

We have been able to conduct all necessary activities ourselves, without contacting any technical support. I really recommend NetCrunch as it is easy to use, intuitive and you only need basic network knowledge to understand and set up its functionality.”

About BitWways S.r.l.

Bitways specializes in design, implementation and management of Information and Communication Technology infrastructures. BitWays was born as the solution to meet important needs of a group of companies operating in the world of transport and logistics in order to:

  • have an internal reliable IT supplier who can handle global situations
  • develop more solid and specific competences by involving enterprises with ten years experience in operative sectors directly inside the companys’ body.
  • adapt the internal IT structure of the company for better exchange information.