Axión - Red de Banda Ancha de Andalucía S.A.

Sevilla, Spain

“With NetCrunch we can faster identify root cause of the problem in our network; and the software gives us detailed network performance reports”.

Marcos Medina Casasola
Manager of Technical and Operations department

Key benefits :

  • More detailed reports
  • Device status in real time
  • Detection of problems in real time
  • Effective monitoring of heterogenous network

axion headquarters
Axión Headquarters


Axión is a telecommunication company. “Before implementing NetCrunch we didn’t use any network monitoring software. We have decided to choose NetCrunch to work with our systems of remote management.  We monitor our servers with NetCrunch, including NNM remote management platforms, blogs platforms (Nec, Sagem, Ericsson  ... etc) as well as several industrial computers that we have in our distribution centers. It helps us to monitor the station on an intuitive network map (power, access, transmitters ... etc)” – says Marcos Medina from Axión.


“Currently, we are in the process of implementing NetCrunch. However, we estimate that approximately 10 network administrators will be using the software for their job”.

“With NetCrunch, we have achieved control over our communications network - where we have various types of communication to monitor (3G Router, Radio Links, WIFI ... etc). With NetCrunch, we can know the status of these communications in the real time”.

“NetCrunch helps us better diagnose a network problem, whether it is something repetitive or an occasional failure. We found it useful to shorten the troubleshooting time and to better evaluate the performance of our company website”. - adds Medina.

About Axión

Axión comes from a merger in 2005 of two entities that have been operating in Spain since 1999;
first if them, Axión, Broadband Network in Andalusia, was initially designed to diffuse radio and RTVA television signals in partnership with SANDETEL and savings banks in Andalucía.

Second company, Medialatina, with national presence, stems primarily from the acquisition of the radio network Cadena Ser. The merged entity was created with the aim of becoming an alternative telecommunications operator, distinguished by excellent customer service.

Axión is a company dedicated to terrestrial broadcasting of audiovisual signals and to the enhancement of telecommunications services nationwide, through its own network sites. Axión operates as a manager of telecommunications infrastructure, sharing them with other operators.

Axión provides national, regional and local services for:

  • Television networks
  • Radio stations
  • Operators of mobile and fixed lines.
  • Public or private companies (councils, police, ambulance, public transport companies, energy distribution companies, refineries ...)