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NetCrunch 9 Releases


Version 9.3.3 17 Fixes

(January 10, 2017)

Bug Fix Release


  • major Fixed bug in mpmon.dll causing occasional dropping of TCP packets
  • major Currently program uses HD Bandwidth instead of FD Bandwidth counter
  • major Fixed Text Parsing Expression - Text log sensor was not working if expression contained only one variable
  • major Fixed issue with displaying node "Identification Method"
  • major Fixed leak of server handles
  • major Fixed monitoring of ESX 5.5 update 118u
  • major Fixed bug causing some ESX nodes were missing Physical Segments
  • major Fixed - some credentials get corrupted in the Credential Manager
  • major Fixed - when multiple consoles open during scanning they could hang
  • major NetCrunch installer no longer supports Windows XP and Vista
  • major Finding batch scripts now works correctly
  • major Console stability fixes
  • major Server stability fixes
  • minor Fixes in localized console versions
  • minor Fixed some issues with Connection Broker
  • minor Fixed Live Agent integration UI
  • minor Fixed problem with specific characters when used in Credential Manager

Version 9.3.0 30 Features, 7 Fixes

(October 25, 2016)

Feature Release

New Features and Improvements

  • Smart Pages NetCrunch automatically shows pages according to the most relevant content. Users can override these settings and select which pages will be visible and the default page for the view.

  • Node Summary This new dashboard for smaller networks and views shows node details (up to 50 nodes)

  • Settings View All settings are now available from the Settings page.

  • Extended Search The search feature now searches nodes, atlas views, settings, documentation, knowledge base and blog posts.

  • Auto Scale Dashboards, maps and grids now have an auto scaling feature that adjusts size to screen resolution and content in the view.

  • Auto Scroll in Full Screen In full screen mode, dashboards now automatically scroll up and down.

  • Generic Agent Data Sensor Allows you to send data to NetCrunch using REST API. It also supports sending status values so users can easily track and react on these statuses.

  • Multiple Monitoring Credential Profiles You can now create multiple profiles for each system. Previously, only a default profile was available.

  • Auto Rescanning of Active Directory Domains Each domain added to NetCrunch can be re-scanned periodically.

  • New Integrations Added new two-way integrations with: campfire, pushover, ryver, clicatell, asana, connectwise, flowdock, freshservice, jira, jitbit, liveagent, mojo helpdesk, ops genie

  • Changed Top Menu Layout Redesigned top menu layout to make it more intuitive

  • Atlas Rescan Added the ability to re-scan the whole atlas. This is useful when you add new SNMP profiles or services. With this feature, NetCrunch can re-scan all nodes, networks and domains in a similar way to initial scanning.

  • Default Display Name Each node now has a Display Name. Previously, the display name could only be set only for a given view.

  • Backup Finished Event NetCrunch triggers a new event after backup is finished

  • Event Suppression UI Event Suppression management has been redesigned

  • Two Way Traffic Info On Layer 2 maps, current traffic is shown in both directions now

  • Last Note Last Note is displayed in the Node Details table

  • HTTP Proxy Support All HTTP Sensors support proxies now

  • Import Old User Access Rights NetCrunch imports user access right from version <= 9.1

  • Added Node.Event Access Right Added missing access right to manage access to node events

  • 30% Reduction in Memory Utilization The Administration Console uses about 30% less memory then previous version

  • Improved Access Profile Editor The improved access profile editor allows you to change access types, duplicate profiles and is more intuitive.

  • 1000 New Device Definitions Over 1,000 new device type definitions have been added

  • Reset Node State When Disabling When disabling monitoring on a node, the user can decide to reset the node's state immediately. This action will close all pending alerts and reset the monitoring state of the node.

  • Improved Dynamic Folders Folders are now smarter and the number of needed sub-views has been reduced.

  • User Can Enter MAC Address Users can now manually add MAC addresses to nodes.

  • Improved Graphical Map Editor The Map Editor now has better style selection functionality, a new color picker, node auto alignment and SVG support.

  • Search in Performance Views Users can now filter performance charts and values.

  • Console Performance Many console performance improvements.

  • Open SSL 1.02j Program uses latest openSSL version.


  • major Fixed overall status calculations in Summary Dashboards
  • major Fixed user account upgrade problems
  • major Fixed access rights calculations for maps
  • major Fixed network dependencies scanning
  • major "Value is Missing" event was not triggered after node disabled or enabled
  • major Added missing documentation topics
  • major Monitoring engines now binding to nodes even if the system version is not supported

Version 9.2.0 33 Features, 6 Fixes

(July 8, 2016)

Feature Release

New Features and Improvements

  • Users & Access Rights User accounts and access profiles has been redesigned.

  • Console Login Console requires logon and NetCrunch Administration right now.

  • Solaris Monitoring New monitoring engine and Monitoring Packs are available for Solaris monitoring now.

  • Integration Module Integration Profiles and Actions for: IFTTT, PagerDuty, Zedesk, Freshdesk, Trello, Slack, Twitter, HipChat actions.

  • Event Details New window for better alerting control.

  • SNMPv3 Context NetCrunch supports using context field

  • SNMP String Value Monitoring  NetCrunch supports alerts based on string SNMP value conditions: equals to,not equals to,contains, not contains,matches regular expression, change (any to any)

  • Layer 2 Cisco Monitoring of Layer 2 segments on Cisco using SNMPv3

  • Disk Monitoring Extended monitoring of disks on Unix family systems

  • Improved Performance Views Bar chart has been improved and uses the same color schemes like other chart types. Additionally, small triangle next to the value shows the latest change direction. Charts support SNMP tick unit conversion to standard time units (seconds, milliseconds). All charts perform animations for better change indication.

  • Sensor Testing You can test it's configuration by using new Test button

  • Monitoring Packs Added packs: HP ProCurve Switch, Sophos Antivirus Server, vCenter Server 6.0, Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels Statistics, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Java Application Server (SNMP), Veeam Backup and Replication Server, Barracuda Firewall, Generic Printer

  • Web Messages Another tab in the external events window. Messages can be send using REST API using HTTP protocol from any application.

  • Extended Trend ViewerNew chart types and, scaling and customizing units.

  • Improved Report Charts Charts in reports supports range charts for better min/max and average presentation on a single chart

  • Monitoring Issues Windownbsp;New window allows easier reviewing and fixing all issue categories. You can select all nodes affected by the issue and fix it with one click.

  • Node Notes Window New window delivers better note management. Each note can be easily commented by NetCrunch users and can have labels and due date. Notes can't be deleted but you can archive them with single click.

  • Disable tasks auto popup Now you can switch off auto popup feature and only observe blue dot with number of tasks that require you attention.

  • New Filtering conditions Now you can create view for nodes having IP address assigned or not assigned.

  • (WebAccess) Node Properties Tab  Node properties are accessible in WebAccess in read-only mode.

  • (WebAccess) Monitoring Issues  Monitoring Issues are accessible from web access now

  • (WebAccess) Auto collapsing Atlas Tree  When no maps are available for the user (due to access rights settings) , the Atlas Tree is automatically collapsed.

  • SNMP MIB search improvement  You can use multiple words when searching MIB objects (i.e. cisco status)

  • Manage Monitoring Packs folders  You can rename and add new folders in Alerting & Reporting Settings window.

  • Atlas Configuration Wizard  New wizard helps you better manage automatic Monitoring Packs. You can disable rules and packs according to you monitoring preferences. Additionally, creating default notification scheme has been improved - you can to set actions on alert close and decide to get notifications only for critical alerts.

  • API Key Manager Allows to manage API keys for applications that need to send data to NetCrunch using REST API. Currently it can be used for two-way PagerDuty integration.

  • Credential Manager Managing monitoring credentials has been moved to separate window and is much easier now.

  • Remote Sessions Window It can be used to see all connected users and to terminate any connection.

  • GrafCrunch 2.6 New GrafCrunch version is based on stable version of Grafana 2.6. The most important feature for NetCrunch users is that you can now connect to multiple NetCrunch servers and create summary dashboards on a single screen.

  • NCCLI Command line utility for resetting admin password

  • Auto Close Local Console  Console run on NetCrunch server using remote access is closed automatically 3 minutes after user disconnected console.

  • NetCrunch Audit Pack  New Monitoring Pack for for monitoring NetCrunch login events including failed login attempts.


  • majorProblem with counter names not displayed after compiling a new MIB
  • majorIn some cases wrong time range was displayed in the trend viewer
  • majorIn some cases the secondary interface setting could be deleted
  • majorSome icon captions were incorrect
  • majorProblem with action time restriction
  • majorWebAppSrv stability fixes

Version 9.1.5 8 Fixes

(June 3, 2016)

Maintenance Release


  • majorProblem with SNMPv3 encryption settings caused by misplaced encryption types in editor.
  • majorOpenSSL updated to version 1.02h
  • minor Missing "Windows 10" node type after upgrading to 9.1.4
  • minor "Node is UP" improperly triggered after NetCrunch Server restart.
  • minor Sometimes NCIS process was causing high processor utilization.
  • minor WebAppSrv didn't restart properly in case of failure.
  • minor Web Page sensor wasn't properly handling SSL certificate errors.
  • minor Custom fields were missing in html email format.

Version 9.1.4 14 Fixes

(March 17, 2016)

Important Maintenance Release


  • criticalAfter editing alerting settings in version 9.1, and restarting the server, the settings could be lost. This build restores proper settings from the console cache.
  • majorOccasional date conversion error when collecting inventory data
  • majorSome windows performance (per second) counters could show invalid high values
  • majorSometimes Installer would hang on de-installing previous version
  • majorNetCrunch could flood some HP switches when monitoring interfaces
  • majorUpdated OpenSSL to version 1.02g.
  • majorFixed spontaneous authentication type change to "Custom Credentials"
  • majorNodes with name ending with digits could not be added
  • majorSNMPv1 traps have not been properly filtered
  • majorAdding XML specific character in Action Message was breaking the file
  • majorSometimes custom actions were deleted after upgrading older atlas version
  • majorBars in performance views were not colored according to color scheme
  • minorValues in Trend Viewer hint were displayed as 0.001 instead of 0
  • minorWebhook action now works with HTTPS

Version 9.1.3 5 Fixes

(February 24, 2016)

Bug Fixes

  • majorInstallation hang when IIS was running.
  • majorUpdated OpenSSL to version 1.02f.
  • majorSometimes time restrictions could be wrongly upgraded from version 8
  • minorWhen selecting icon for nodes some captions were wrong
  • minorSome Windows system versions were detected improperly as virtual machines

Version 9.1.21 Feature, 10 Fixes

(February 18, 2016)

Important Maintenance Release


  • Japanese Version Release

Bug Fixes

  • critical Memory overrun could happen in certain conditions and break NetCrunch service
  • critical Sometimes server could spawn too many processes
  • major Fixed problems on NetCrunch Server shutdown
  • major Fixed adding sensor counters
  • major NetCrunch always kept maximum number of threads for monitoring.
  • major Issues with SNMP View on some linux machines
  • major Fixed many layout and translation issues in localized versions
  • major Important performance and stability improvements
  • minor Fixed when map opened in separate window - widgets were not visible
  • minor Scan results could show confusing number of nodes in certain situation

Version 9.1.020 Features, 5 Fixes

(February 2, 2016)


  • Email Alert Sensor Trigger alerts based on an email sender, subject or body. Match content using regular expressions.

  • Mailbox Sensor Monitor mailbox authentication, activity, performance and size

  • Text Log Sensor (XE Edition) Parses text files and converts each entry into a list of properties which later can be filtered like any other type of log.

  • Text Parsing Expressions Parsing expressions allows you to describe how to parse external text data. You can use regular expressions or other patterns. Apache common log format is also supported.

  • New Action:Modify Custom Field You can change or clear the node custom field.

  • New Action:Change Node Monitoring Time You can control node monitoring time when an alert occurs.

  • New View:Responding Nodes with Pending Alerts The view contains nodes that are not down but have some alerts pending. The separate view shows all Unresponsive Nodes

  • Improved Dynamic Views Now you can create dynamic views on pending alerts and relative time expressions.

  • Event Log:Recently Resolved Views New event log views that allow you to see resolved issues within a selected time range. Followings views has been added: resolved after hour, resolved after day, resolved in less than 10 minutes.

  • Extended XML & JSON support Alerting actions now can use XML or data formats (write to file, run SSH script, run Windows script)

  • Support for 64bit interface counters Interface monitor supports 64bit counters if available.

  • Redesigned Message Format Editor The new editor is much easier to use and allows you to create custom formats.

  • Alert on Issue Trigger alert on monitoring issues. For example when authentication fails.

  • SSH Public Key Authentication Now you can choose to use passwords or public key authentication for SSH monitors (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X)

  • Set Web Page Sensors for multiple ports Now you can add multiple sensors with the same url but different ports when you run multiple HTTP servers on a single node.

  • Monitoring ESX Datastores Now you can set alerts on ESX datastore metrics. The datastore view is also available in the Node Status window.

  • Extended NetCrunch Service Restart Option You can schedule restart of NetCrunch service weekly at given time. You can also see when next restart is planned.

  • Multi-instance counters Use single counter definition to trigger and specify multiple instances at once. In this way you can selected disks to be monitored or interface or any other counter with instance.

  • Encoding Support for Syslog & Traps You can specify code page encoding for Syslog and SNM traps.

  • Performance Improvements Optimized processor usage for monitoring threads.

Bug Fixes

  • majorFixed Open Monitor CSV file format processing
  • majorNodes Switched to be "Secondary Interfaces" are now set to simplified monitoring mode.
  • majorConditional Alerts issue fixed (Event happened at least after...)
  • majorIt's possible to define "Pending" alert without closing event.
  • majorFixed problem with flow dashboard refreshing

Version 9.0.12 Fixes

(December 16, 2015)

Maintenance Release

Bug Fixes

  • major Fixed monitoring of HTTPS services
  • major Receiving some SNMP traps could make NetCrunch Server unstable (Premium XE only)

Version 9.0.0Initial Release

(November 02, 2015)

Initial Release

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NetCrunch 8 Releases