Security Monitoring

NetCrunch Security Monitoring delivers robust network protection with real-time threat alerts and comprehensive log analysis.


Benefits of NetCrunch Security Monitoring

  1. Efficient Log Monitoring With support for Windows Event Logs and Text Logs, NetCrunch ensures thorough surveillance of your system's activities, helping to quickly identify and address potential security threats.

  2. SSL Certificate Tracking NetCrunch actively monitors SSL Certificates, alerting you before they expire. This proactive approach prevents security lapses due to outdated certificates.

  3. Customizable Alerts Tailor alerts to meet your specific monitoring needs. NetCrunch allows you to configure notifications based on various parameters, ensuring you're informed about critical issues in real-time.

  4. Audit Log Oversight Keep track of changes in your monitoring system with NetCrunch’s audit log feature. This is essential for maintaining compliance with various IT regulations.

  5. Active Directory GPO Monitoring NetCrunch monitors changes in Active Directory Group Policy Objects, ensuring your network policies remain secure and are enforced consistently.

  6. Simplified Management Interface The user-friendly interface of NetCrunch allows for easy navigation and management of security features, making network monitoring both effective and accessible.

By leveraging these features, NetCrunch Security Monitoring not only enhances your network's security posture but also simplifies the management and compliance of your IT infrastructure.