Peripherals & IoT Monitoring

Take control of your devices with ease. Our monitoring system lets you easily track printers, cameras, and any other SNMP or HTTP-enabled device.


Diverse Monitoring

NetCrunch goes beyond the standard scope of network device monitoring by embracing a wide array of peripheral devices. Our sophisticated monitoring capabilities extend to cameras, printers, and a diverse range of sensors, catering to the unique needs of various environments.

What sets NetCrunch apart is its support for many monitoring protocols, enabling users to monitor the typical IT infrastructure and highly specialized and unconventional devices. This includes traffic lights, laboratory equipment, and factory machinery. Our platform's versatility allows for the seamless integration and monitoring of devices critical to specialized industries and sectors.

By choosing NetCrunch, you gain the flexibility to monitor an expansive spectrum of devices, ensuring that every aspect of your technological ecosystem, whether standard or unique, is under constant and reliable surveillance.

  • Printer

    Printer Monitoring

    NetCrunch offers advanced printer monitoring through two key methods, both leveraging SNMP protocols compatible with Printer MIB v2. Our monitoring solutions ensure that your printers are always operational and efficient.

    Generic CMYK Printer Monitoring Pack

    This pack primarily focuses on monitoring the levels of toner or ink cartridges, alerting you to low supplies to avoid printing interruptions.

    Printer Sensor

    A more comprehensive tool, the Printer Sensor monitors a range of printer statuses and alerts. From performance metrics to critical alerts like open covers, low container levels, or full receptacles, this sensor keeps a detailed watch over your printer's health and functionality, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

    Scalability and Reliability

    A standout feature of NetCrunch is its exceptional scalability. Capable of monitoring thousands of printers using SNMPv3, NetCrunch provides a level of scalability and reliability that competitors often struggle to match. This makes it an ideal solution for large-scale enterprises and organizations with extensive printing needs, consistently monitoring and managing all printer resources.

  • Cameras

    Camera Monitoring

    NetCrunch's Camera Monitoring, using HTTP/S and ONVIF protocols, offers advanced real-time surveillance and security. The IP Camera Sensor captures snapshot images for connectivity verification and provides multiple display and notification options.

    Key Display and Notification Features

    • Node Status Display
      View camera images in the node status window for immediate surveillance insights.
    • Tooltip on Icon
      Snapshot images appear as tooltips when hovering over camera icons, allowing for quick visual checks.
    • Graphical Data View Dashboard or Diagram
      Integrate snapshots into your dashboards or diagrams for a comprehensive network security overview.
    • Notification Emails
      Snapshot images can also be attached to notification emails, providing visual context to alerts and enhancing response efficiency.

    Key Alerts

    • Connection Error
      Immediate notification of connectivity issues.
    • Authentication Error
      Alerts for authentication failures.
    • Image-Related Alerts
      Includes alerts for changes from reference images, signs of tampering, and motion detection, crucial for proactive security monitoring.

    NetCrunch's Camera Monitoring system is vital for maintaining your camera network's safety and operational integrity.

    It ensures thorough surveillance, instant access to camera images, and enhanced communication through image-inclusive notifications.

  • IoT

    Diverse IoT Device Monitoring

    NetCrunch extends its monitoring capabilities beyond traditional IT infrastructure, embracing many IoT and peripheral devices. Our platform ensures that every aspect of your connected environment is under vigilant surveillance, leveraging various protocols like SNMP, HTTP, and SSH scripts.

    Environmental Sensors

    • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
      Constant monitoring of environmental conditions, typically via SNMP, to ensure optimal operating environments.
    • Air Quality Monitors
      Track air composition and quality in sensitive areas like data centers or labs.

    Other Sensors

    • Water Leak Detectors
      Early detection of water leaks to prevent equipment damage and downtime.
    • Smoke and Fire Alarms
      Real-time monitoring to ensure immediate response to fire hazards.

    Security and Access Control

    • Door Locks and Access Sensors
      Monitor the status of secure access points, ensuring safety and security.
    • Proximity Sensors
      Keep track of movement and presence in restricted or sensitive areas.

    Network-Connected Devices

    • Smart Lighting Systems
      Oversight of lighting networks for energy efficiency and operational status.
    • HVAC Systems
      Monitor heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for performance and efficiency.

    Custom Monitoring Solutions

    • SSH Script-Based Devices
      NetCrunch can use SSH scripts to monitor bespoke or specialized devices that require custom monitoring solutions.
    • HTTP-Connected Gadgets
      Anything from smart mirrors to connected coffee machines, if it communicates over HTTP, NetCrunch can monitor it.

    NetCrunch's flexible and expansive monitoring capabilities make it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of IoT and peripheral devices, ensuring comprehensive oversight and management of your entire technological ecosystem.