Advanced Custom Monitoring

Harness the Power of Custom Scripts, Remote Execution, and Flexible Data Integration with NetCrunch.

Custom & Advanced Monitoring

Unleashing the Power of NetCrunch Custom Monitoring

Comprehensive Metrics
and Status Analysis

  • Broad Spectrum Monitoring Achieve an all-encompassing perspective on your network's functionality by monitoring a diverse range of metrics, statuses, and events.
  • Instantaneous Insight Gain the upper hand in issue resolution with real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling quick detection and response to network anomalies.

Seamless Data Integration
Across Platforms

  • REST API Flexibility Effortlessly channel data into NetCrunch using REST APIs from any programming language, ensuring smooth integration with your current systems.
  • Adaptable to Any Language NetCrunch's data ingestion is universally adaptable, whether you prefer Python, JavaScript, or any other language.

Enhanced Network Management
through Custom Scripting and Remote Operations

  • Bespoke Scripting Solutions Forge custom scripts tailored to your unique network monitoring requirements for a more personalized management experience.
  • Expansive Remote Scripting Broaden your management scope by remotely executing scripts, enabling effective monitoring and control of devices across your network.

Optimizing Data Accessibility
with Standard Protocols

  • Versatile Data Acquisition Utilize established protocols to access a diverse range of data, ensuring high compatibility and user-friendliness.
  • Advanced Data Interpretation Tools Employ NetCrunch's sophisticated parsing tools to decode and use data efficiently, transforming complex datasets into practical insights.
  • Pushing Data to NetCrunch

    The most straightforward method for feeding data into NetCrunch is through the use of its REST API. This approach allows you to seamlessly send various types of data, including metrics, events, and status objects. NetCrunch then efficiently presents and analyzes the received data. This functionality is particularly advantageous as it enables data transmission from virtually any location, even devices located at dynamic addresses over the Internet.

    REST Receiver Node

    To facilitate the reception of data without the necessity of knowing the sender's address, you can create a REST Receiver Node. This specialized node is equipped to handle a Data Receiver Sensor, a versatile sensor capable of accepting any data sent via the REST API.

    Data Receiver Sensor

    The Data Receiver Sensor can be conveniently added from the sensor list to any node within NetCrunch. Its setup is designed to be user-friendly with minimal configuration requirements. You simply need to provide a name for the sensor. Upon creation, it automatically generates an API key, which is used by external agents expected to transmit data to NetCrunch.

    While data can be sent in various formats, it is crucial for NetCrunch to recognize and interpret it correctly. You have the option to select from predefined NetCrunch formats or to create a custom parser. This custom parser enables the translation of external data formats into a format recognizable by NetCrunch.

  • NetCrunch Data Parsers

    Data parsers are a critical component of NetCrunch, converting external data into a NetCrunch-compatible JSON format. This format is essential for describing counters and status objects. The versatility of NetCrunch is further enhanced as several sensors can utilize these data parsers to extract data from external sources.

    Regarding defining parsers, NetCrunch offers a rich array of options to cater to diverse data processing requirements. You can select from several established methods, including XPath/DOM, JSONPath, JavaScript, or Python. This variety ensures that you can tailor your data processing approach to align perfectly with your data sources' specific needs and characteristics.

    Furthermore, NetCrunch enhances the parser development experience with its integrated IDE. This compact yet powerful development environment empowers you to write and test your parsers directly within NetCrunch. The IDE's user-friendly interface and robust toolset make developing, refining, and validating your parsers easier, ensuring they function optimally before deployment. This feature is particularly beneficial for creating custom parsers, providing immediate feedback, and streamlining the parser development process.

    @Data Parser

  • Remote Scripting with NetCrunch

    NetCrunch's Remote SSH Script Sensor offers a groundbreaking solution for executing scripts on remote machines, transcending traditional network management boundaries. This feature is a game-changer for administrators looking to streamline and automate their network operations.

    Benefits and Capabilities

    • Cross-Platform Flexibility
      Operate seamlessly across various operating systems, ensuring comprehensive network coverage.
    • Enhanced Security
      Execute scripts securely through SSH, ensuring data integrity and network safety.
    • Script Parameters Customization
      Tailor script execution to specific network needs by dynamically mapping parameters from node properties in NetCrunch.
    • Efficient Monitoring
      Set up essential alerts for script execution, keeping you informed about your network's health and performance.

    Use Cases

    • Automated System Management
      Execute maintenance or update scripts across multiple machines effortlessly.
    • Data Gathering
      Collect specific data from remote systems for centralized analysis, providing actionable insights.
    • Network Optimization
      Perform network-wide tasks remotely, reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

    Leverage the power of NetCrunch's Remote SSH Script Sensor to elevate your network management to new heights of efficiency and control.

  • Server Custom Scripts with NetCrunch

    Elevate Your Network Monitoring

    NetCrunch's Script Sensor feature empowers network administrators to run custom scripts or programs directly on the NetCrunch Server. This functionality broadens the scope of network monitoring and management, offering a tailored approach to address specific network scenarios and requirements.

    Key Advantages

    • Custom Script Execution
      Run various scripts (JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, and more) to cater to diverse monitoring needs from the NetCrunch Server directly.
    • Seamless Integration
      Effortlessly integrate custom scripts with NetCrunch’s monitoring capabilities, allowing for a cohesive and comprehensive network management experience.
    • Dynamic Script Parameters
      Enhance script functionality by incorporating dynamic parameters, offering flexibility and customization for targeted network operations.

    Use Cases

    • Data Collection and Analysis
      Execute scripts to collect and analyze data, providing deep insights into network performance and health.
    • Automated Network Tasks
      Automate routine network tasks, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing manual workload.
    • Custom Alerts and Monitoring
      Create tailored monitoring solutions with custom scripts, generating specific alerts and reports based on your network's unique requirements.

    NetCrunch's Server Custom Scripts unlock new potentials in network management, offering the versatility and power to create a more responsive and efficient monitoring environment.

  • Retrieve & Process External Data with NetCrunch

    Harnessing External Data for Enhanced Monitoring

    NetCrunch introduces a powerful capability to retrieve and process external data, taking network monitoring to a new level. Utilizing advanced sensors like the Data File Sensor and HTTP sensors, NetCrunch allows you to access, retrieve, and interpret data from many external sources.

    Streamlined Data Integration

    • Diverse Data Sources
      Whether it's structured data from web APIs or unstructured data from various files, NetCrunch's versatile sensors can handle it all.
    • Flexible Data Retrieval
      With HTTP sensors, you can tap into web-based data sources, while the Data File Sensor lets you access data stored in files on your network or system.

    Advanced Data Processing

    • Custom Data Parsing
      NetCrunch’s Data Parser seamlessly transforms external data into a structured format, making it usable for network monitoring and analysis.
    • Adaptable Formats
      Regardless of the original data format, the Data Parser can be configured to recognize and interpret various data structures, ensuring compatibility and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    • Real-Time Data Analysis
      Collect and analyze data from external sources in real-time, providing immediate insights and enabling proactive network management.
    • Enhanced Reporting
      Integrate external data into your NetCrunch reporting, offering a more comprehensive view of your network's performance and status.
    • Customized Monitoring
      Tailor your monitoring strategy by incorporating external data, ensuring that your network management aligns with specific organizational needs and objectives.

    NetCrunch's ability to retrieve and process external data opens up new avenues for network monitoring, allowing for more informed decision-making and a more robust understanding of your network environment.