Advanced Alerting Solutions: Beyond Notifications, Towards Proactive Network Management


Elevate Your Network Management with NetCrunch's Advanced Alerting

In the dynamic world of digital networks, proactive management is key. NetCrunch's advanced alerting system transforms traditional network monitoring with smart, action-oriented responses. Our system not only notifies but also acts, ensuring an actively managed and efficient network.

NetCrunch seamlessly integrates with platforms like IFTTT, Jira, and PagerDuty, enhancing its capability for sophisticated event correlation and conditional alerts. This integration leads to a more cohesive and responsive management environment.

With NetCrunch, you experience a shift from reactive to proactive network management. Our system empowers you with automated responses, remote command execution, and tailored alerts, ensuring your network's optimum performance and reliability.

Welcome to NetCrunch – where alerting means action, efficiency, and resilience for your digital infrastructure.

  • Alert Mechanics

    Proactive Responses
    for Every Network Event

    NetCrunch's alert mechanics revolutionize the way your network handles events. Each alert is a dynamic response, not just a notification. When an event occurs, our system doesn't just inform you; it initiates a tailored action based on predefined criteria.

    Event Reaction in Real-Time
    NetCrunch intelligently assesses each event, determining the best course of action. This could range from sending notifications to executing specific automated tasks, ensuring that each event is addressed promptly and effectively.

    Escalation and Flexibility
    Our system is designed to escalate responses as needed. If an event requires more attention, NetCrunch increases the alert severity, engages alternative actions, or notifies additional personnel, adapting to the evolving nature of the event.

    NetCrunch's alert mechanics and event reactions are about staying one step ahead, turning potential network challenges into efficiently managed solutions.

  • Automation

    Automation and Remote Command Execution

    NetCrunch takes network management to the next level with its advanced automation and remote command execution capabilities. Our system is designed not just to detect issues, but to resolve them autonomously, minimizing downtime and reducing manual intervention.

    Seamless Automation
    Leveraging cutting-edge technology, NetCrunch automates responses to common network events. This means faster resolution times and less burden on your IT team, as the system can independently perform tasks like restarting services or adjusting configurations.

    Remote Command Execution
    In more complex scenarios, NetCrunch executes remote commands based on specific alert criteria. This feature allows for immediate, on-site level intervention without the need for physical presence, providing a powerful tool for maintaining network health across diverse and distributed environments.

    Through automation and remote command execution, NetCrunch enhances operational efficiency, ensuring your network is not just monitored, but actively managed and maintained.

  • Event Reaction

    Advanced Alert Processing

    NetCrunch elevates network alerting with its suite of advanced processing features, designed to handle complex network environments with ease and intelligence.

    Event Correlation
    Our system excels in identifying and correlating related events across your network. This capability allows NetCrunch to provide more meaningful alerts, reducing noise and focusing on the root causes of issues.

    Conditional Alerts
    Flexibility is key in dynamic network landscapes. NetCrunch's conditional alerts enable customized responses based on specific event characteristics. This means alerts are not only timely but also contextually relevant to the situation at hand.

    Alert Action Escalation
    In critical scenarios, our system escalates alert actions to ensure urgent issues receive the attention they need. This escalation process is customizable, allowing for a tiered response approach that aligns with your network management protocols.

    These advanced processing features ensure that NetCrunch not only detects every significant network event but also responds to them in the most effective way possible, enhancing overall network resilience and reliability.

  • Integrations

    Integration Capabilities

    NetCrunch's advanced alerting system is enhanced by its extensive integration capabilities with a wide range of messaging, SMS/text messaging, and service desk & productivity systems. This connectivity ensures that alerts are not only generated within NetCrunch but also communicated effectively through your preferred channels and systems.

    Messaging & Notifications:

    • Amazon SNS: Send notifications via Amazon Simple Notification Service.
    • Campfire: Post messages in Campfire Chatroom.
    • HipChat: Dispatch messages to a HipChat room.
    • IFTTT: Trigger web requests to IFTTT service.
    • Microsoft Teams: Deliver messages directly to Microsoft Teams.
    • MQTT: Publish messages to MQTT Broker.
    • Pushover: Send notifications to devices using Pushover.
    • Ryver: Dispatch notifications via Ryver.
    • Slack: Send alerts through Slack.
    • X: Broadcast posts or direct messages.

    SMS/Text Messaging:

    • Clicatell: Send SMS/text messages via Clicatell service.
    • MessageBird: Dispatch SMS/text messages via MessageBird service.
    • SMSEagle: Send SMS/text messages via SMSEagle Gateway.

    Service Desk & Productivity Systems:

    • AlertOps: Create or close alerts in AlertOps.
    • Asana: Manage tasks in Asana.
    • ConnectWise: Handle tickets in ConnectWise Service Desk.
    • Flowdock: Manage Flowdock tickets.
    • Freshdesk: Create or resolve Freshdesk tickets.
    • Freshservice: Handle tickets in Freshservice.
    • JIRA: Manage JIRA Service Desk tickets.
    • JitBit: Address tickets in JitBit.
    • LiveAgent: Manage LiveAgent tickets.
    • Mojo Helpdesk: Handle Mojo Helpdesk tickets.
    • OpsGenie: Create or resolve OpsGenie alerts.
    • PagerDuty: Manage PagerDuty incidents.
    • Trello: Organize tasks on Trello boards.
    • Zendesk: Handle Zendesk tickets.

    These integrations allow NetCrunch to act as a central hub for alert management, streamlining the flow of information across various platforms and enhancing the overall efficiency of your network management strategy.

  • User Interface: Comprehensive Alert Management

    NetCrunch's user interface is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and insightful experience in managing alerts. With a focus on detail and accessibility, our UI ensures that users can easily navigate and interact with a wealth of alert-related information and features.

    Rich Alert Details
    NetCrunch goes beyond basic notifications, offering detailed alert information complete with action logs and graphical representations. This depth of detail allows for a clearer understanding of each alert's context and the actions taken in response.

    Alert History Database and Analytics
    Our system maintains a robust alert history database, enabling users to track and analyze past network events and responses. This historical data is a valuable resource for understanding trends, identifying recurring issues, and improving future network management strategies.

    Customizable Alert Views
    Recognizing the diverse needs of different networks, NetCrunch offers customizable alert views. Users can tailor their dashboard to highlight the most relevant information for their specific network environment.

    Predefined Views by Monitoring Categories
    To facilitate immediate productivity, NetCrunch comes equipped with a variety of predefined views categorized by different monitoring aspects. These views provide a quick and organized overview of your network's status, making it easier to identify and address issues promptly.

    NetCrunch's user interface is a powerful tool in the network manager's arsenal, offering rich, actionable insights and a customizable experience to ensure effective and efficient network monitoring and management.